Life is better in community.

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Our Location

114 6th Street North, La Crosse, WI 54601


Sunday Mornings

We meet on Sunday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30. Dress is casual and and our environment is relaxed. Feel free to come early and hang out with us in our cafe for a cup of coffee or tea and grab something nice to eat before or after the service. We are a community where people can investigate what life with Jesus is all about; a place where you won’t be put on the spot; where you can enter in as you feel comfortable; where you will have the opportunity to invite God to make himself real, and a place where we experience real life-change on a regular basis.  So whether you consider yourself to be a Jesus follower or someone who is interested in exploring what that means, we will do our best to make you feel at home!


Vineyard Kids


We are passionate about creating places for children to connect with Jesus and each other on a regular basis. Our teachers seek to teach and impart their lessons in fun, engaging, and creative ways because we want each child to have the chance to encounter the love of Jesus through age-appropriate prayer, worship, Bible lessons and meaningful interactions with their teachers and other children, every time we meet. We currently provide classroom environments for children aged 6months—6th Grade, and check-in begins at 9:50am every Sunday.


Adult Service


We have a small cafe where we serve refreshments, meet new people, and catch up with familiar faces before and after the service. Our adult service usually starts by singing worship songs that express our gratitude and worship to Jesus using relevant, simple language. After a few announcements, our teaching endeavors to connect the truth of the Bible to everyday life, and is delivered in a real and practical way so that everyone has an opportunity to respond by applying it to their lives.  We always end our service by offering to pray for anyone who wants it. In short, we want everyone to have a chance to encounter Jesus, respond to his leading, and be changed for the better in some way.


Serving Teams

Jesus often said things that turned his listener’s perception of reality upside down. One example was when he told his disciples that the greatest among them is the one who serves people. Instead of measuring people by their power, wealth, influence, or appearance—Jesus made it clear that it’s a person’s willingness to elevate and serve others that dictates a person’s greatness. Authentic humility, love for others, sacrifice, and selflessness can’t be faked—and we want to be community filled with people that love and serve others generously. So, you will find a number of places below that you can plug into and begin serving. You won’t be sorry you did…and you might even make some friends in the process!


Hospitality Team

This team works hard to create an environment that makes people feel at home from the moment they walk into our building to the moment they leave the parking lot. They do this by setting up our coffee and tea station, by preparing elements for communion, and by setting out nice things to eat before others arrive for our Sunday service. They also stick around after the service to clean up. These teams help to create a warm environment that assists others to connect with Jesus and others. Individuals on this team typically serve once per month.


Welcome Team

Our Welcome Team ensures that everyone who walks through our doors on a Sunday morning is greeted with a smile and a warm welcome! They also answer questions people might have, show newcomers around our building, and make sure the building is clean and presentable before people arrive. They work really hard to make sure people are set at ease the moment they arrive, and are vital in helping people connect. Individuals on this team typically serve once per month.


A/V Team

Our A/V Team helps everyone engage in worship during our Sunday service. Whether they are operating the slides during worship, adjusting the sound for the worship team, or making sure the words on the screen are following the sermon, they work hard to help everyone engage with God throughout our service. If you love technology and pushing buttons, then we can train you! Individuals on this team typically serve once per month.


Vineyard Kids Team

This team assists the teachers in serving and equipping our kids to love and serve Jesus with their whole lives! Signing up for this team means that you will never have a dull moment in one of our classrooms—and you will be making a huge difference in the lives of our kids. Individuals on this team typically serve once per month (background checks required).


Small Groups

Forming authentic and lasting friendship is central to why we exist as a church. Small Groups are smaller gatherings that we have throughout the week to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other. The typical group will eat, laugh, discuss, worship, and pray together. The groups usually meet in homes and last for a couple hours each week. Keep reading to find out how our groups work throughout the year and how you can get involved…


Small Group Schedule

Our Groups are in session three times per year. We schedule our groups this way in order to give newcomers an opportunity to connect into new groups throughout the year—while also giving our leaders much needed breaks in between each term. So, our schedule for groups is as follows:

Fall Small Groups: October-December (Break in January)

Winter/Spring Small Groups: February-April (Break in May)

Summer Small Groups: June-August (Break in September)


Sign up today!

You can sign up for a group anytime throughout the year. If you are new to our community, feel free to jump right into one of our groups! There are a few ways that you can get info and sign up…

  1. Get the information you need and sign up for a group at a Sunday Morning service.

  2. Or, click on the online calendar button below and find a group that meets near you.

    If you would like more information about any of our groups, you can email us with any questions you might have by clicking the button below.


Reaching Out

We are a community that loves leaving the safety of our four walls of our building so that we can serve and love people around us. We encourage everyone that calls this place home to be looking for ways to love, serve, and pray for people around us in our everyday lives. We also plan outings as a church where we do this as a group. We will often go out to do things like: serve people food; give away cold water on a hot day; do some lawn work for people; and pray for people, amongst many other things. We do this to express God’s love for people in a practical and meaningful ways. If you are with us for any length of time, no doubt you will be invited out with us as we love, serve, and pray for people as a church.

If you see some needs that aren’t being met in our region and have some ideas about how we can reach out to others in practical ways, let us know by clicking the button below. We are always looking for ways to serve and love people!